World of Darkness 20th

Session 7

The Group take the opportunity to talk to The Founders. Wilfric spends the night chatting to Adana de Sforza, a powerful Brujah member of The Founders. Benedict seeks the council of Josef von Bauren, a small, hideously deformed Nosferatu. Maria searches the library of the monastery. While reaching for an interesting looking tome, she meets an old monk, Brother Yackmann. They begin a conversation about theology and Maria is able to glean some intriguing facts from the elderly monk. He tells her he is haunted by terrible dreams of a coming maelstrom. He feels that important facts about maelstroms are buried within the book. Maria takes the book with her and studies it whenever possible.

The group travel to the gypsy village Durga Syn calls home. She’s happy to see them, and feels vindicated that her premonition about the Group seems to be coming true. They take the opportunity to talk to her about many subjects, but crucially Maria does not ask her about Maelstroms. As such they do not learn the secrets the wise old kindred knows about them.

The Group travel to the Inn the conspiracy of Isaac use for their meetings. Frankie and Burtold take a disliking to Burtold’s sire – Sire Wenceslas. Frankie reshapes the hooves of the mounts of Lord Giovanni and Sire Wenceslas (to make them easier to track). Meanwhile, Wilfric nearly comes to blows with Frankie’s sire, the Imperious and Haughty Lord Miecyslav. Wilfric’s sire, Marchettus the Bold, steps in to try to calm things before they come to blows.


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