World of Darkness 20th

Session 6

The Group search the farm compound. They find two buildings which they believe contain Members of the Conspiracy of Isaac.

They barricade the door of the older house, pile straw around two of its sides and Wilfric sets it aflame. Wilfric, Burtold & Benedict hear the sound of children screaming and sobbing, but choose to do nothing to help them, each finds justification for their actions.
Wilfric is able to overwhelm and murder Lady Theophana (with a little help from his cohorts). They also kill two of Lord Bajazet Al-Nasir’s ghouls.

The lady’s high dementation abilities leave Wilfric in a near catatonic state. He is rescued from approaching reinforcements by Benedict, who won the friendship of a horse who had been stabled in the farm. Benedict returned them both to the Cappadocian monastery, where monks tended to Wilfric until his abnormal mental state subsided.

Maria and Burtold make their own way back to the monastery on foot, and are able to arrive slightly before dawn.

Japeth Cappadocian makes an offer to most of the party, he is willing to teach many of them the founding concepts of the Road of Bones, Burtold and Benedict are also offered the opportunity to learn the first level of the Necromancy Discipline, and the Knowledge Thanatology (the practice of preserving corpses, and the metaphysics of death).


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