World of Darkness 20th

Session 5

The Group dispose of the corpses of the Templars by hiding them so they will not be seen by any other travellers. They then travel onwards to the monastery. They are nervous about walking upon consecrated ground – how will it affect them now they are damned? They pluck up the courage to enter and eventually speak to Japeth. They deliver the message, a troubled Japeth feels the need to speak to his sire, cappadocious. The founder of the Cappadocians appears before them, and asks them for an act of contrition – they are to return to the site of the templar’s ambush and give them a Christian burial.

They return, and carry out this request. They are astonished to see the knight’s climb from their shallow graves and begin wordlessly praying. Upon returning, they are given an audience with Cappadocious himself. He speaks to them, but they are not reassured by his words.

Despite his reservations, Japeth agrees to the meeting with Claudius. Cappadocious will not allow a brother of the blood to be turned down in a time of need.

Frankie and Wilfric return to Casa Giovanni. Frankie gathers earth (which he needs to sleep because of his clan weakness), Wilfric searches the Castle, and discovers Paul, he survived his severe beating, but is dying. Wilfric gives him some of his blood, and Paul takes the first step towards becoming Wilfric’s ghouled servant.

Benedict and Helzabub talk to some local animals, convincing them to try to track the movements of the members of the Conspiracy of Isaac. The birds are able to lead them to an abandoned building. Following tracks left by their sire’s fellow Conspiracy members, they eventually come to a large farm compound.


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