World of Darkness 20th

Session 11

The Group watch on as Claudius plunges his fangs into Japeth’s chest and begins consuming his ‘brother’s’ blood. Only Japeth’s clenched fists and the blood running down his chin as he bites deeply into his own lips give any indication of inner turmoil.

Maria glances nervously to the grotto where The Founders are hiding. They realise something foul is afoot, and charge out of their hiding place – to catch Claudius in the act of diablarie. All, but one, of the monks drop to their knees and begin chanting and wailing. The one remaining monk dashes towards Japeth and his would be slayer.

The Founders and The Conspiracy of Isaac clash in combat. Violent combat breaks out across the once peaceful garden. Figures blur in celerity boosted super human speeds. Shadows writhe and come to life, grasping their opponents. Individuals vanish and reappear in different locations. It’s impossible to follow the desperate struggle taking place. The only stillness comes from the bodies of the fallen.

Wilfric attempts to attack Claudius from behind. But he is intercepted by the Ravnos, Gabrin, and Tzimisce, Lord Mieczyslav, representatives of The Conspiracy. With a wave of his hand, Gabrin implants suggestions of spiders, scorpions and other creatures attacking Wilfric. Lord Mieczyslav uses his vampiric powers to convert himself into a towering monster of destruction.

Matron Violetta faces off against Josef von Bauren. Hardestadt engages Lady Jadviga, Sire Wenceslas and Lord Casmir. His physical prowess balanced by the skills and otherworldly abilities of the three Kindred. Frankie moves to help his colleague, striking against Gabrin with his wickedly sharp axe.

The combat ebbs and flows, individuals clashing as opportunities present themselves. Lady Amisa is the first to fall. Her throat ripped out by the diminutive Josef von Bauren, as the little Nosferatu strikes at her from behind.

Lord Mieczyslav and Gabrin continue to press their attack against Wilfric. Yet despite outnumbering the younger vampire, they are unable to overwhelm him.

Sire Wenceslas engages his childe, Bertold, in mortal combat. The two Toreador kindred face one-another in mortal combat. Bringing their vampiric disciplines to bear against one-another. This is to be a battle of wits and willpower, rather than strength and savagery.

Milov Petrenkov, the Gangrel Founder, falls to Lord Bajazet Al-Nasir’s powerful blood magics. But before he can deliver the coup de grace, he is interrupted by the brash Adana de Sforza leaping to her companion’s aid. Lord Casmir summons lightning to strike against Wilfric from the clear skies above multiple times, but each time the speedy Brujah is able to evade the lightning bolts before they strike him.

Frankie continues raining blows upon Gabrin. The trickster attempts to confound the wrathful Tzimisce, but to no avail. He unleashes a series of staggering strikes against the ill-prepared Ravnos.

Wilfric is making headway against the towering form of Lord Miecyslav. The latter’s monstrous form seems to be more suited for defence than offensive capabilities.

Benedict finds himself in combat with Lord Casmir. Somehow overpowering the haughty Tremere and devouring his lifeblood to the last drop. Even going so far as to commit the ultimate sin – diablarie.

Frankie’s ferocious onslaught sees Gabrin driven further back. The Ravnos tries one last illusion as a means to save his unlife. But it provides no benefit. Frankie sees through his trickery and sets about the distraught vampire with a renewed ferocity. The sharpness of his axe is tested as it slices through flesh and bone. After a particularly well placed blow, Gabrin sinks to the ground. The spark of life fading from his eyes as Frankie stalks after his next opponent.

Wilfric lands a number of lucky blows against his opponent in a super human flurry and downs the battle-weary Tzimisce, but he pays a heavy price for his victory. He is running dangerously low on blood and gives himself over to the beast – wilfully entering a blood frenzy.

Lord Leopold Valdemar sees the battle is not going well for The Conspiracy, he decides to retreat, better to pull back from the field of combat now and strike again at a more opportune time.

Bertold, through a combination of trickery and luck, downs his sire. Sire Wenceslas does not die easily. He fights for survival until every ounce of his strength is spent. He dies cursing the fates that bought him into the ranks of The Conspiracy and his eventual demise.

Maria sees her nemesis – the Lady Jadviga – attempting to flee from Hardestadt’s assault. She stalks after her creator, murder glinting in her eyes.

Wilfric’s blood frenzy gives him the strength he needs to overpower the elder Tzimisce. A few moments after giving himself over to the beast, he overcomes Lord Miecyslav, slaying him and regaining precious little of the blood he craves. He catches sight of Lady Jadviga Almanov and joins the race to slay her.


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